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Joe Carollo is Dangerous

  • Joe Carollo abuses his power and influence as a commissioner to intimidate and harass business owners and then lies about it to ethics board.
  • He berates residents that speak in front of the commission.
  • He even beats his own wife! He was taken to jail in 2001 charged with battery of his wife.

Joe Carollo Broke the Law

  • Carollo used public money to campaign. His own aide provided evidence that Carollo broke the law and there is now an open investigation from the State Attorney’s office.
  • His former campaign manager and aide said publicly that he witnessed Carollo "engaging in a felony" while serving as a city commissioner.

Joe Carollo Needs To Go

  • Carollo is more focused on political fights than tackling the city’s problems. The result has been an embarrassment.
    In reference to a recent meeting, the Miami Herald Editorial Board article called it "an embarrassment, played out in front of Miamians who expected to see real work get done. Instead, they got a circus... The outcome was that no city business got done."
  • He would rather spend time abusing his power than delivering on his campaign promises.

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